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So you fill in your brows every day and you are kinda over it? With Microblading or Powder Brows you can have perfect eyebrows without all the extra effort. Yassss.

Who should consider it? Alopecia / Light Brows / Fine Brows / Overplucked Brows (we've all been there).


Is it a tattoo?

Yes, but also no... 

By contrast to a tattoo where ink is deeply ingrained into the skin, Microblading use a manual hand tool with fine-point needles creating precise superficial hair-like cuts in and along your brow in which the colour pigment is deposited.

Voila! Natural looking brows.

Furthermore, the pigment dye particles are less concentrated than tattoo ink and the pigment is semi-permanent meaning it will fade away over time.


After shopping around, I decided to use Tina Davies Microblading products.Tina Davies is a permanent makeup artist, inventor, product designer and entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada.


Her passion is product design and sharing techniques and insights to help other artists improve their work.

Her products are widely considered to be some of the best in the industry.



I find out what your brow goals are and take a look at your skin type and medical history.


A patch test is performed, and the procedure is explained in full.

Pre and post care leaflets are given to you and then we're ready to rock and roll!


Similar to eyebrow threading, it’s uncomfortable and maybe a teeny bit annoying.

Once you are comfortable your beautiful new brows are measured and drawn on for your approval and a topical anaesthetic cream is applied minimising any pain. And the needling beings the quick process of gently implanting the pigment via superlight strokes. 


Results last between 1-3 years depending on your skin type, with oilier skin types fading faster.


Frequency of touch-ups maintaining shape and colour depends on factors including pigment colour (lighter colours fade faster) and sun exposure (causes  fading and discolouration of the pigment) along with use of topical retinol or other exfoliating face treatments.


Typically a client will need a touch-up (which is included) after the first month, and then be good to go for at least a year.  Hello to an extra 10 mins in bed, yay!


Keep dry, clean and bacteria-free

for 1 week, so no sweaty gym sessions

and no frolicking in the pool.

Itch, pick or scratch at the area at your own peril... doing so can remove the pigment and leave you with bald patches. Avoid using anti-ageing products like acids or retinoids as they increase your cell turnover rate, fading the pigments and shortening

the life of your brows.


Rittu, 45

Had such a lovely experience with Vic having microbladed & b12 and I absolutely adore her for the services she gives specially the nature of being flexible is always been appreciated. Now one less thing to do every morning, Thank You Vic xx

Sue, 60

I had my eyebrows microbladed absolutely over the moon with the results from no eyebrows to perfect eyebrows thank you Victoria will be back later in the year hopefully. 

Amy, 43

Had my brows done by the lovely Vic just before Xmas, over the moon with them and Vic was so thorough and professional and talked me through every step. Would highly recommend xx 

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