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We start losing significant amounts of Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Elastin from the age of 30, resulting in thinner skin, visible lines and loss of volume in the face, which leads to sagging. Annoying, right?

Don't be too sad, I have the answer... Plumping and hydrating from within, Dermal Fillers are very effective in smoothing lines, softening creases, folds and deep wrinkles.


Fillers also add volume to your facial structure, enhancing your facial contour and restoring it's youthful appearance. Hurrah! They are great for: around the eye, cheeks, mouth and jawline, as well as lip fillers creating volume and definition. You can also have them in other parts of your body (I'll tell you the secrets when I see you)!

​Dermal Fillers are not permanent so you'll enjoy results that last for months, and can be adjusted as our faces and perceptions of beauty change with time. 

Because, lets face it, they will!


I use premium Dermal Fillers only... my motto is, if I wouldn't put it in my face, it's not going in yours.

Each Dermal Filler is bespoke to your treatment, and discussed with you at your consultation. I got you, girl! 



Dermal Fillers are best used to create subtle natural changes and preparation includes a face-to-face consultation to discuss your needs and identify what realistic results can be achieved.

(It's at this point I'm gonna need you to delete that screenshot of Kylie Jenner you were going to show me for inspo please!).

Considerations include your age and skin type, medical history, previous procedures and your expectations of the treatment. 


Treatments take up to 60 mins with moderate discomfort which is minimised with anaesthetic cream (don't worry, I haven't had to strap anyone down yet).


It is perfectly normal to experience swelling, redness and tenderness, or even some bruising at the injection site immediately after the treatment. This usually disappears within a few hours to a couple of days and can be treated with over-the-counter painkillers.


Dermal Fillers typically last 6-18 months, depending on the type of filler and the individual.

Other factors influencing dermal filler longevity include:

  • where the filler is used on your face

  • how much is injected

  • the speed at which your body metabolises the filler material

So, waste no time and get out there and show off your new look! Oh, and send me your selfies please!


There may be some initial swelling, redness or bruising which subsides within 1-10 days.

Try not to touch the area for 6 hours (remember that needle thing you hated? It makes holes which need to heal).

No make up for 6 hours unless mineral based (you can do it!).

Avoid UV exposure, extreme heat or cold. 

Avoid facial massages or skin resurfacing until the area has healed fully.

Plumps out the skin removing deeper static lines
Naturally creating plumper lips whilst tightening skin and improving lip definition and shape
Improve the size, shape or
symmetry of the nose
Lifts and tightens the skin on the mid face and defines cheekbones
[AKA Nasolabial Folds]
Reverses the effects of ageing by lifting and plumping adding volume to the lower face
Adds volume to sagging skin, streamlining and defining jaw line
Remodels the chin shape restoring balance and proportion to the face
(AKA Tear Troughs]
Rejuvenates tired eyes, reduces dark circles, plumps out hollow eyes whilst reducing wrinkles and fine lines

Olivia, 20

Had my lips done by Victoria 6 months ago, and am super pleased with them. Was my first time ever having them done, but Victoria was very attentive, professional and talked me through the process thoroughly! I will definitely be returning to Victoria for my next top up!

Harriet, 19

I felt very relaxed having lip fillers with her, she talked me through what she was doing as I was quite nervous. I wanted a natural look and Victoria advised me well that I need to layer the filler over many months to achieve this look. It has worked well and I’m very pleased with them after having several small amounts.

Maggie, 45

Fabulous and natural lip augmentation by Victoria. She really listens to what the client wants..]

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